So you're engaged?

Here's how to plan a wedding

First of all, congratulations! You’ve probably found your way here because you’re engaged and wondering how to plan a wedding.

Whether you have visions for a small wedding, a destination wedding or a jam-packed 2-day event, planning a wedding can be overwhelming. Everyone will have different ideas, wants, traditions and values. However, there are some things you can do to make the overall process that little bit easier.

Here, we’ll look at the basics to help put you on track for the best day of your life.

Set a budget (and stick to it!)

This will ultimately decide your venue and your guest list. So it’s important to get it right and start getting comfortable with talking about money.

Sit down with your beloved and any family members who are planning to contribute to the day and pull together the exact amounts they are gifting you. Then decide how you think the money should be spent. The best way to do this is to make a list of what’s most important to you. For example, the DJ? The food? The venue?

It’s important to remember that while it’s extremely generous of people to help with the cost, it’s ultimately yours and your partner’s decision on how the money should be spent.

Organise your guest list

Not only is your wedding day about declaring your ever-lasting love for one another, it’s also one of those rare occasions everyone you love is in one room together. So decide carefully who should be on that list.

Get the names of everyone you absolutely must invite. Then move onto those who will only be attending the evening do. You will even need to put a list together of those who unfortunately won’t make the cut, as you might need to sit down with your mum and dad for example, and explain why you can only invite a certain number of their friends.

You will also need to think about who is getting plus ones and if children will be invited.

Decide on a theme

Yep… you’re still not ready to visit any venues yet. Because setting a theme will help you decide on what venues to visit.

Maybe you want a traditional theme? A marquee? A garden party?

Pinterest is obviously a saviour in this situation and great for narrowing down colour palettes as well. Just don’t get too sucked into having a ‘pinterest-perfect day’ as it can play havoc on that budget we just discussed.

Ok, now you can research venues

There are A LOT out there. So the best way to start is by looking at desirable locations followed by the maximum number of guests they can cater for.

Then, ask if it fits your theme and guest requirements. What services do they offer children if you plan to invite them? How many bedrooms do they have onsite? Can they cater for all kinds of dietary needs? If you want an outdoor ceremony, can they offer you a contingency plan if the weather is typically British?

Another thing to think about when choosing your venue is whether they can also provide you with your civil ceremony as well as your evening reception.

And most importantly… is your desired date available?

Take out wedding insurance

Once you’ve put a deposit down on your desired venue, it’s vital you get wedding insurance. This is probably going to be the most amount of money you spend on any one day, so why not protect it?

Make it legal

You wouldn’t believe how many couples forget about this part. Research what marriage documents you need from early on. Check you have your birth certificates and request replacement ones if you can’t find them.

Also, check passports are in date for your honeymoon!

Send Save the Dates

You’ve taken all this time getting your guest list together, you should probably make sure they can make it. So the sooner you send your Save the Dates, the better.

It’s also a great way to manage expectations of who you think will come and who can’t make it… Perhaps if some can’t make it, you can add on those friends of your mum and dad you didn’t think you had room for.

Now...for the fun parts

You’ve ticked off all the essential to dos, now it’s time to enjoy yourself.

Choose your bridal/groom party, get wedding dress and suit shopping, research photographers and videographers, get listening to some weddings bands… and more importantly shopping for wedding bands!

Research honeymoon destinations and what flowers fit with your theme. Pick up any personal touches you’ll want for your venue. For example photographs of you both over the years, flip flops for sore dancing feet, maybe even a photo booth?

Plan that hen and stag do! Trial the menu and set a rundown for the day. Choose a makeup artist and hair stylist, along with what jewellery you plan to wear on the day.

What favours will you offer your guests? And gifts to your wedding party? Will you hire your dream car to take you to the venue?

And lastly, remember what the day is all about and work together as a team!

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