Personal touches to make your

wedding day extra special

We, more than anyone, understand how important it is to create a wedding that is unique to you and your partner.

You want your special day to encapsulate who you are as a couple – your quirks and combined personalities, your inside jokes and shared memories. And it’s not always easy, as weddings are so deeply steeped in tradition, it can be difficult to combine something classic and elegant with something modern, lighthearted and even unconventional.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of simple, easy-to-do personal touches that will bring a little bit of unique creativity to your day – and make your wedding even more special.

Create a cocktail (or two)

This is a great way to show off yours and your partner’s personality – and help get the party started, of course.

If your venue allows, we suggest creating at least two different drinks for guests to choose from. Not only can you be creative with the ingredients, but with the names and descriptions too. Plus, think of how much (responsible) fun you’ll both have taste-testing recipes!

Commission a personalised neon sign

Giant light bulb letters are perfect for putting your stamp on the dancefloor, but what about commissioning a personalised neon sign? Not only is it classic and slick, you can hang it up in your home afterwards as a keepsake of the day.

And as for what it might say… Ideas can be as simple as your names and wedding date, or a favourite quote. Or you could even pick a lyric from ‘your song’ or line from your vows!

Monogram your veil

We’re still swooning over Hailey Baldwin’s ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ veil for her wedding to Justin Bieber. So we wouldn’t judge you for copying her – or you could take a more understated approach and add just your NEW initials and/or wedding date.

A good seamstress will be able to do this for you – and probably inspire you with loads of lovely intricate designs to go with it.

Playlist party favours

Music is a great way of capturing memories and bringing you right back to a moment in time.

Create a playlist of your ‘wedding classics’ – your first dance, aisle walk, and a handful of other songs you plan to play throughout the day – and burn this onto CDs for your guests.

This means your guests will leave with a cute keepsake they can enjoy time and time again. Plus, who doesn’t love an old school CD? Or even better, a cassette tape!

Miniature drinks as toasts

Instead of a sparkling wine toast, why not have your guests tell you their favourite spirit on their RSVPs – and voila! There’s a personalised miniature waiting for them when they take their seats. Then all they have to do is grab a mixer in time for the speeches.

Whatever personal touches you want to add to make your wedding day extra special, our wedding experts will be more than happy to help you. With three beautiful venues in the Cheshire countryside, we can create the wedding of your dreams with bespoke packages, exclusive hire and dedicated wedding planners. Simply get in touch with us today.

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