What to ask at your

wedding venue showround

Choosing your wedding venue is probably the biggest decision to make when it comes to planning your wedding – other than the bride’s dress, of course.

Yes, your venue has to have that style and aesthetic you’re after, but you need to make sure it can accommodate all your needs to make your big day the best it can be.

So that you don’t miss a thing when you’re visiting your shortlisted venues, we’ve put together some key questions to cover off. Tick off this entire list, and you’re sure to find the perfect place for making your dream day a reality.

Is my date available?

This might seem obvious but when you’re caught up in the beautiful setup and scenery, it can easily be forgotten. You don’t want to have your heart set on a place that you can’t have because you’ve already sent out your save the dates, so always check before you fall in love!

What's the maximum and minimum number of guests I can have?

This will have a huge influence on whether or not the venue is right for your wedding party. Remember to take into consideration plus ones, children and evening guests when it comes to your final number.

Can I have my ceremony at the venue and would it be legal?

You can save a lot on your budget if you can have your ceremony and reception at the same venue, as you can use the same flowers, decorations and won’t need transport.

You’ll probably find many venues will allow you to host a ‘blessing’ and then you can have your religious or civil ceremony elsewhere.

Can I have exclusive hire of the venue?

For an added fee, some venues may allow you to be the only couple getting married on the day. Which is a massive bonus as you’ll get the full attention of the staff and won’t have to worry about sharing the spotlight with another bride!

Note: You will also need to distinguish whether or not exclusive hire means ‘no other weddings, but open to the public’ or open only to you and your guests. If you want maximum privacy, be mindful that it can get costly, so check with your venue to see how they can accommodate with your needs.

If I don't hire the venue exclusively, who else will be there on the day and what are the T&Cs?

This is important as it can help you plan where to take your pictures and what space you can and can’t decorate.

Do you have parking?

Check how many spaces they have in case you need to plan where the rest of your guests can park. And don’t forget to check if it is or isn’t free, and let your guests know accordingly.

What time can my suppliers start setting up at?

It’s normal for venues to allow suppliers in either the day before or early in the morning of your wedding day. We recommend finding out sooner rather than later so you can get your head around timings and better plan your schedule. Plus, this way you can communicate with your vendors as soon as possible and put your mind at ease.

Do you have any special facilities for children?

If you plan on inviting children, it’s good to see if they offer any sort of fun and games or babysitting service to help keep them relaxed and entertained throughout the day.

If I decide on an outdoor wedding, what is the backup plan if it rains?

If you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding and think the scenery is perfect for it, still have a look round the inside of the building – and the rooms that host wedding ceremonies – in case the good old British weather plays up!

How many bedrooms do you have?

Depending on whether or not you have exclusive hire of your venue, you will need to see how many rooms they can keep aside for you and your guests.

You might need to add checking out nearby accommodation and taxi services to your to-do list – or have a look around larger venues if you feel it might leave a lot of guests without somewhere to stay for the night.

What time will the bar stay open until? Can I pay to have it later?

You would hate the party to stop before you’re ready! It’s also good to find out whether the bar closing up means the party has to stop. Is there a space or Residence Bar for guests that want to carry on?

What time can we play music until?

This will be needed as an end time for your guests on the invitations so they can plan ahead with things like pre-booked taxis and babysitters.

What is the payment plan?

This will help you plan your budget. With weddings usually being pretty expensive, it can sometimes come in handy to have the option of not having to pay for it all at once.

Who is my point of contact?

Even though you’ll have all these questions (hopefully) answered before signing on the dotted line, when you start putting your plans into action you’ll find yourself with a whole new list of questions.

That’s why it’s handy if you can deal with the same person throughout the entire process to avoid any crossed paths and mixed messages.

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